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The sum of the week

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PostWysłany: Nie 23:37, 15 Gru 2013    Temat postu: The sum of the week

The sum of the week
I stopped in my tracks, in the church foyer. My surprise was momentary, then that familiar rush of calm came over me. I don know why, but I am grateful for it I have a very calm attitude towards death. Yes, it is sad, especially if it is an early death or unsuspected. But death? It doesn separate us. Not permanently, and in the grand scheme of things. the separation is but an eye blink.
Sunday afternoon I received a message from my aunt. "Would you give Grandpas life sketch?" My mouth literally dropped open. They wanted ME to sum up Grandpas life? I replied. "Oh wow. what and honor. of course" .
And then we threw all other plans out the window. But not actually. Somehow, Miss Last Minute (aka ME) actually had all the school shopping done. First day of school clothing? Check. Current projects in "ok to drop for a few days" progress, check. Everything I thought I would need to accomplish this week was pretty much done.
So. we packed and took off. Art supplies, check? (It turns out that if you are determined enough, watercolor in a moving car is not impossible.)
We rolled into Rexburg, ID and spent two days with family. Eating (Applebees totally comps your desert if they find out you are there for a funeral, just so ya know), singing, telling stories. It was great.
It just isn that often that our whole family is able to gather together, so when it happens, even if for a funeral, we make the most of it.
The life sketch came together really easily. The hardest part was keeping it short enough. When the head of your family passes away, there is so much to said.
Grandpa was in the army, so it was a military graveside service. The addition of the honor guard is breathtaking. Dustin cried. You know you got a keeper when he sheds a few tears at your Grandpa funeral.
We stayed while they lovered the casket into the grave and then everyone threw a few things in. Some meant to be, some. not quite so much.
I present to you, the best laugh of the day:
I am the insensitive one in the back chanting, "I wanted a pictured, chuck her back in there! Dustin "calm the crying girl" response time is too short. :) The little traumatized girl is my 4 year old sister, who happens to be wearing a dress that my grandma made me 30 years ago.
After the luncheon that followed, we went to my aunt house and she presented me with two bags full of family heirlooms. Ranging in ownership from her to my great grandmother. I was baffled and stammered "thankyousomuch." about 100 times.
I planning on starting a family heirloom geneologyesqe book to chronicle these items and any others that I can get info on. Who has possesion of it, who it has belonged to, etc. I don have a whole lot of family heirlooms so this weekend was like Christmas! She also gave me a piano stool, small child chair, a quilt (this one gets its own post) and the wooden high chair that my dad, aunt,[url=]asics shoes[/url], uncles and I used as children. I about peed my pants with excitement.
All in all, it was a fantastic week. I feel rejuvenated, not drained. Love my family.
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